Sunday, July 13, 2008

Some Interesting Sushi

Some days ago I surf the internet to find some information about sushi, my favourite Japanese food. Then I found information about some unique and strange sushi. So, I think I should share some of the story to my friends.

Teddy Bear Sushi

I found these two when I googling up using keywords teddy bear sushi. Well, you can believe that some people are highly creative when it come to product design. Some of my female friends however, think that eating the sushi above, would be some form of cruelty, towards well.... animal shaped sushi.

Cow Shaped Sushi

This one is a cow shaped sushi. I think that's is a cute one. There is a joke, that have something to do with this one, in Indonesian language, that have something to do with the fact that "sushi" is almost homophone with "susu", which is in English means milk. However, I think translating "sushi sapi baik untuk kesehatan tulang" (Indonesia) to "Cow sushi is good for your bone" (English), does little to make English speakers laugh.

Blue Tobiko

I ever see the red, black and green variant of tobiko sushi. The red one is salmon roe, the black one is caviar and the green one is salmon roe dipped in wasabi. But what is this blue tobiko ?

Sushi shaped USB

The last one, as you may ( or may not ) know already, is not a food. This Sushi shaped USBs are of course a form of digital data storage. But that remind me of some story in Doraemon, where Nobita write something on a magic bread and eat it, thus being able to memorize what is wrttien on. I am sure however that such thing are not going to happen if you eat these USBs. :)